The Advantages of Participation & Services of the Conference 

  •  Attendance and interaction of the professors from the world’s reputed universities specially universities of Bangkok, Italy and etc.
  • Possibility of benefiting academic scholarship from reputable universities if Thailand
  • Visiting Kasem Bundit University as one of the reputable universities of Bangkok
  • Referee of submitted papers, publishing accepted papers in abstract book of the conference and also collecting all papers in a CD
  • Publishing all the selected papers of the conference without any revise in journals and scientific, research and professional accredit magazines and conference supporting ISI
  • Indexing and publishing the papers in book, CD, collection of conference papers, Civilica, National Consortium, SID, authorized international organs
  • Registering the interested peoples to participate in conference in different cases
  • Awarding conference package including abstract book, CD of full papers, prizes of the conference and sponsors, … 
  • Offering trophy and letter of appreciation of the conference to top papers
  • Issuing reputable international certificate from the world’s reputable universities
  • Awarding conference international certificates in Persian and English
  • Presenting deferent services for financial and moral sponsors
  • Participating in professional and travel tours
  • Benefiting conference sponsors facilities
  • Covering professional exhibitions and conferences by the media and news stations
  • Presenting international certificate of accept, publish and present of the paper for participants
  • Presenting 16-hour educational international certificate to all participants  
  • Meeting distinguished professors of the country and the world and hundreds of representatives, employers, organizations in a short time
  • Possibility of face to face interaction and collaboration among professors, experts, politicians, managers of Social, Humanities and Engineering Sciences of the world
  • Attracting most visitors through the world
  • Advertising Campaign such as oral and poster advertisement
  • Holding interviews and press conferences to participants for introducing their facilities and equipments
  • Offering letter of appreciation and valuable prizes
  • Awarding educational package of the conference

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