Conference programs 

Because the 4th.International Conference on Researches in Science & Engineering & International Congress on Civil, Architecture and Urbanism in Asia will be held in Kasem Bundit University of Bangkok and the best international universities are in Thailand and also has proper condition, it is considered as one of the best countries to continue the education. It is hoped that all the participants benefit from this opportunity by effort of the Higher Council and organizers of this conference and this interchange will be continued after the conference.

Some of organized programs of the Conference are announced as follows:

  • Participating and Attending of Academics, professors of Bangkok & Thailand Universities
  • Participating more than 2500 active members including Academics, experts, Politicians, Managers, Students, concerned and interested Organizations, Consulting Engineers, Contractors and Specialists in the field of Engineering Sciences, Science and Humanities and the World’s Environment
  • Lecturing domestic and foreign experts and distinguished professors and organizing specialized panels
  • Main lectures and scientific meetings
  • Presenting accepted top papers (oral & poster)
  • Organizing specialized educational workshops
  • Holding specialized-scientific forums for studying the challenges and opportunities relevant to topics of the conference
  • Holding specialized exhibitions for introducing companies and the related businesses and also introducing productions services
  • Attending and lecturing supreme authorities as sponsors of the conference
  • Selecting tops of the conference including top paper, top specialized panel, top participants, top sponsors, top stand, top photo and etc. 
  • Specialized and travel tours
  • Organizing press and news conference one month and two weeks before conference and specialized exhibition for better coverage of this international important event
  • Inviting managing directors of the related governmental organizations and private sector


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